GatewayVR is launching ProjectMX! A real-time interior layout visualisation tool connecting Architects & Interior Designers to Interior Product Designers & Manufacturers


Product Showcase

Showcase your products to hundreds of designers via the online catalogue! Why transport yourself & your products to exhibitions when you can just meet your prospective clients online?


Virtual Showroom

Allow designers to virtually try out products in their interior layouts! Yes, ALL your products! Think about the time you could save, now imagine the beach (or the mountains)!


Sell Online

On client approval, receive direct orders for all of your products placed in the final layouts. It really IS as simple as it sounds! Design Partners can always reach out to you for customisations!


Grow Geographically

Expand your business horizon beyond its current geographical boundaries. You don't need to limit yourself to clients you can physically reach! Come on, the world really is your oyster!


Payments & Financing

Allow your customers to finance your product purchases! You don't need to spend time continuously following up for payments anymore - let us make that happen for you!

See it in action!

We know you're likely to be a little skeptical! As they say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" - well, in this case, it's in the watching!
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