GatewayVR is launching ProjectMX! A real-time interior layout visualisation tool connecting Architects & Interior Designers to Interior Product Designers & Manufacturers


Create & modify layouts

Create and modify interior layouts in 2D, 3D or VR on the fly! Don't like the way something looks? Easy does it. Change it, replace it or delete it! Whatever you fancy!


Switch between multiple views

Switch between 2D, 3D and VR views, in real time! Yes, yes, you read that right - no render time required! No complexity, no hassle. Click, and it's done!


Drag & drop

Drag & drop ready made furniture, fixtures and finishings from our online catalogue! All products in our catalogue come from verified product partner!


Create instant renders

Instantly (Yes, instantly!) frame and save 3D renders from any location within your layouts! Want multiple renders with colour options for your clients? Done, no sweat!


Instant moodboards

auto generate moodboards for your layouts! Easy as 1-2-3 : ONE: Curate products 7 materials in a collection, TWO: select products for the moodboard, THREE: say abracadabra! BOOM!


Quick Estimates

Generate instant product procurement estimates for all your layouts! Tyagi-ji in your costings & accounts department can thank us later, we promise!


Level Up!

The future of design technology is here for you! You can immerse yourself (and maybe your clients, too?) in Virtual Reality (VR) and see the beautiful work you've done!

See it in action!

We know you're likely to be a little skeptical! As they say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" - well, in this case, it's in the watching!
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